10 Horrific Movies of 2018

What’s the opposite of “cream of the crop”? “Bile from the bottom”? Whatever it is, it’s this freaking list of movies. Here I’ve picked 10 absolutely worst flicks of 2018. And remember, even if some of them look pretty, they don’t get a pass! horri 

10. Pacific Rim: Uprising

What the hell was that movie? Half of it was human drama nobody cared about, and another half we had Jaegers fighting other Jaegers. Just let Guillermo del Toro finish what he started for once!

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9. Mortal Engines

Horrible plot “twists”, stealing scenes and plot points from other, better-written movies, and the protagonist couple so dull and lifeless, you feel like leaving the cinema after about 40 minutes – all that and many more disappointments from Peter Jackson. Whose name is for some reason plastered all over this movie.

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