10 Ways to protect yourself against online hackers


We are in the digital age and consequentially, most transactions, retrieval of important information and even shopping are done online.

While doing many tasks online has helped manage the stress of doing them manually and offered us ample time on our hands, it has also created a breeding ground for scammers who steal important information from unsuspecting internet users.

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These scammers can hack your credit card details, bank account details and many more data that are personal and use them for countless dubious activities.

However, as an active internet user or businessperson, you let out valuable information online and you need to protect your online identity.

Here are ten sure ways to protect your online identity.

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10 Always Use Strong Passwords

This is one of the surest ways you can protect your online identity. It is advisable not to use names, words, phone numbers, or anything that can be associated to you so that an intruder may not guess them easily. You can mix numbers, letters (both uppercase and lowercase) and symbols in your passwords and it is good you change your passwords a few times every year. Never share your password with anyone.

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