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11 Nigerians Nicknames And Their Full Meanings

You’ll hear a lot of names in Nigeria. I mean, Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups with a wide range of languages. While some names are very common, in different parts of the country, some other names are less popular, thus harder to pronounce.

As a survival technique, many Nigerians with unpopular names modify their names to fit to society’s standards to avoid mispronunciation, and even bullying.

Here are some hilarious Nigerian names and their full meanings.

11. Pat

I’d never heard about this one until I saw this tweet. Forget the nickname, how can you name your child Sympathy? I mean, yes, it’s a great virtue, but what happened to “Love” or “Peace”? Why Sympathy? If my name was Sympathy, I’d probably go round calling myself “Pat” too.

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