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12 Beautiful Women Wizkid Had Dated And Sl£pt With, #2 Will Shock You

Today we will be revealing 12 beautiful ladies starboy which is known as Wizkid has dated and have $ex with in recent times. This is according to the recent search made by our media house concerning Wizkid love/relationship life. Don’t take this too serious, it’s not that deep… it’s Just normal gist, if you don’t agree it’s okay.

With wasting much time, fellow us as we get down to the real matter at hand. so we will be revealing starting for the oldest down to the newest of them all.


   12. Sophie Rammal

She is the one and only pretty light skinned Sophie Rammal. This beautiful lady was Wizkid’s first girlfriend we all knew back when the music star was just an up-and-coming artist. Sophie was the sweet ice on the cake in Wizkid’s life.

Sophie Rammal was wizkid’s first girlfriend and lover in his early days of his musical career. He featured her in his first music video “Holla at Your Boy which was released on the 2nd of January 2010. Wizkid brought Sophie to stage a number of times during their relationship which was greatly applauded by fans. We can all remember Wizkid’s hit song “Hola at ur boy“? Yes the pretty girl from that video was Sophie, which goes to show how these guys were so into each other.

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