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20 Amazing Games Every 1990s Kid Would Have Killed For

Growing up in Nigeria was definitely fun back in the days when life wasn’t so unbearable and when little or nothing could afford kids much satisfaction without cracking their parents’ pockets.

Pretty sure nothing did it as much as the freedom, energy and laughs we enjoyed, which we could have given up anything just for the sake of them. Remember how our parents would punish us several times for it but still, there was no stopping us.

Unfortunately, some have attributed these games to reasons why the 1990s kids are not as smart as the Gen-zs.

But we are not ashamed like that because give or take, we’d love to still have these games any day, anytime if opportune to.

Below are a few that come to memory.

1. SUWE is also known as House: This game was most popular among females. Each player is expected to jog around the boxes without flaw to own a house.

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