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3 daily habits that can ruin your teeth

There are many everyday habits that may seem harmless but can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your teeth.
Breaking these habits early before any damage is done can save you from needing consequent dental treatment in the future.

One major thing that kills all your smile vibes are teeth’s. Keeping decent and nice teeth is a basic must and these 3 tips will help you avoid wrecking your teeth:

1. Avoid ice chewing
Chewing ice is a seemingly harmless, often unconscious habit. But ice chewing can cause permanent damage to your teeth, putting small cracks in the enamel.

These cracks can grow larger over time and ultimately cause a tooth to fracture, requiring a visit to the dentist and unnecessary expense to get the cracks fixed. The American Dental Association advises you to skip the ice if this habit is too tough to resist. Try opting for chilled water instead, or order your drinks without ice to resist the harmful urge to chew those hard cubes.

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