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3 ‘normal’ relationship habits that are actually toxic

Relationships are beautiful when you’re with the right person. Right from a young age, many people have a picture of the kind of relationship they want.

Some of these attitudes could be toxic to your partner, however, it is possible not to see it this way because it is a lifelong quality that you have always wanted.

Just because you’ve seen many people do something doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for everyone. And if a healthy relationship with someone you love is ultimately what you want, then you need to question what you think is “normal.”

Below are three habits that people think are normal behaviors, but could be detrimental to your relationship:

3. Being a control freak
Being jealous and controlling your partner is never proof of your love for them. If you love them, you’ll respect their autonomy. Also, if you trust them, you wouldn’t try to control them. That includes not doing behaviors like checking their phone, getting upset about their friendships, asking them to behave or dress differently, and, of course, crying to get them to feel bad for you.

It is perfectly fine to create boundaries and let your partner know when you’re uncomfortable. If they respect and love you – you’ll come to a compromise. However, compromise happens when the demands are reasonable.

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