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5 behaviors you should never tolerate in a relationship

Nobody’s perfect. This is especially true in relationships, and you know it.

As is always the case with romance, though, you must be careful. Compromising, meeting halfway, and accepting your lover, these are all important if you want a fulfilling relationship, but you can’t allow yourself to become a victim.

There are certain behaviors which you simply should not tolerate in a significant other, no matter how much you may find this person attractive, stimulating, and well, loveable.

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If you do find yourself with someone displaying the following traits, you should at the very least say something. Here’s a list of them below.

5. Impossibly high standards
In all serious relationships, we’re going to, at some point, need our significant other to take some sort of action they may have been neglecting. Maybe they have an unhealthy habit that’s preventing the relationship from growing; whatever the case may be, the truth is, your lovers need to learn to accommodate your needs.

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