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5 breakfast myths you need to stop believing

Breakfast is the first thing on our mind when we look at the clock in the morning.
Whether you have to get ready and leave for work or get a coffee first, many people around the world tend to miss breakfast due to their busy lifestyle.

However, breakfast has been touted as the ‘king of meals’ and the ‘most important meal of the day’ for decades. But are these statements really factual?

Here are six breakfast myths that you need to stop believing:

1. ​Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
While this is not totally wrong, it is also not entirely correct. Breakfast is an essential part of our meals as it is the first meal we have after our body remains in a fasted state the entire night. Eating in the morning starts the metabolism; however, the meals that we consume later in the day are also crucial. Moreover, ‘what’ we eat in the morning and all through the day matters above ‘when’ we eat. It does not matter whether you eat three or two meals a day as long as you are eating healthy and balanced portions.

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