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5 extra things all men want in a relationship

Men are often reluctant to talk about their needs in intimate relationships. They often find it difficult to commit because they are afraid that their social independence and self-sufficiency are being threatened.

In order to overcome this, your relationship has to be reshaped to fulfill his needs – even those he doesn’t realize he has.

A woman has to change her perspective on what men truly want, so she can meet these needs and help the relationship move forward.

Read through these tips and I promise you won’t see your relationship through the same spectacle again.

5. Praise and approval
A meaningful percentage of men come with the worry that their partners seldom let them know what they like about them. Men have disreputably tender egos.

They need constant reassurance about themselves, their carrier paths, sexual proficiency, how attractive they are among other things. So ladies empty your praise banks make it rain on your men.

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