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5 People Share Their Experience Moving To Lagos

Lagos state is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, the state has the unique feature and when it comes to food and exquisite location you can never be disappointed. A lot of people want to see all these features and experience how Lagos life. Here is the experience of people coming to Lagos for the first time.

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Nenye, 26

“2016 October, I packed my bags and moved to Lagos. Now the thing is, I had no plans. I was done with school. I had lived my whole life in Calabar/Uyo except for a brief moment when I lived in Owerri with my dad’s sibling.

I didn’t tell my dad I was moving. Didn’t tell my siblings. Only my close friends. And the aunt. Moved to Lagos. Was scared as shit. Me and Uber everyday coz the stories I heard about Lagos… Omo, I wasn’t ready to be kidnapped inside danfo. The first time I entered a danfo, my jeans tore, a tired old man, dozed off on my shoulder”

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