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5 reasons why Green tea is beneficial for diabetic patients

Yes.. You heard it right! Green tea can be an elixir for the people who are suffering from diabetes.

Diet and lifestyle play a pivotal role in managing this condition.

Green tea is one such dietary element that can stimulate the production of insulin if you have type 1 diabetes, and, compounds like polyphenols and EGCG catechins – which can do wonders for type 2 diabetic patients.
Below are 5 reason why green tea is beneficial for diabetic patients:

5. It increases insulin production in the body
If the individual has type 1 diabetes, it gets difficult for the body to produce insulin. Some studies show that green tea could stimulate your body to produce the insulin, which then will control your sugar levels and transform the nutrients from the food that you just ate into energy. Besides, green tea will also help your body to maximise the functions of the pancreas, which is important to produce insulin. Some studies also suggest that green tea could protect the pancreatic beta cells from damages.

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