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5 reasons why relationship ends after the first 3 months

At the beginning of any relationship, it’s all romantic and rosy. There is love in the air and it feels like you are on seventh heaven. You feel that this person is your soulmate and you both were meant to be together.

The excitement of dating someone and the feeling of being in love is enough to make you feel elated.

However, it is after some time, more particularly, after 3 months or so, when you start facing troubles in your relationship.

Differences begin to emerge and it seems that there is only way out, to break up. So here are 5 reasons why most relationships fail to pass the 3-month test:

1. It might have been lust
The reason why the sparks no longer fly when you see each other is that you two have outgrown each other. In the beginning, it was the mystery and the excitement of intimacy and proximity that kept you going. But as you two spend more time together and tried to connect on a deeper level, you failed at forming that connection.

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