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5 reasons women cheat instead of breaking up with their partners

Whenever you get cheated on, it can be absolutely devastating. Betrayal in itself is such a hurtful experience to take part in already.

But when you get betrayed by the one person who you thought would always have your back, then it adds an extra layer of pain and anguish to the entire situation.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you are practically entrusting your heart and soul to that person. You believe that your love binds you and that nothing could ever come between the two of you… but then infidelity happens.

But why would she cheat on you? If she were unhappy, why wouldn’t she just break up with you instead so that she would be free to date other men? Why would she be so willing to engage in infidelity knowing that it would hurt you?

Well, these are some questions that we’re going to try to get to the bottom of in this article. Read on to know.

5. She wants to have a rebound guy who is ready to go
She might be thinking about ending the relationship but she wants to be sure that there’s going to be a man out there who will wait for her once she decides to actually end things in the relationship. She wants to have a guy who is waiting in the wings for her once she becomes available.

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