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5 relationship lies we all heard while growing up

Growing up as a kid came with all sorts of experiences, all diverse and beautiful in their own ways.
In all of this, some information must have become part and parcel of your thought process; many of which were probably not so true.

Some of these are religious in nature, some about sex and your sexuality, and of course, some of them revolved around relationships and dating.

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Here, we take a quick dash down memory lane and list of those fallacious statements:

5. You’ll get pregnant if you let a man touch you
This usually came to young girls whose breasts were just becoming visible, or those who just had their first period.

There were different variations of the statement, too. Some people were told that talking to a boy would get them pregnant; some others were told that so much as sitting close to a boy would do the trick. Of course, you’re older now and know better.

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