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5 rules of friends-with-benefits relationships you can’t ignore

Friendship-wit-benefits (FWB) is a kind of lovemaking relationship that excludes emotional attachment and commitment.
While the concept is in essence against the tenets of traditional relationships, it is still an obvious reality in today’s society and much of that has been discussed.

Being different from relationships as we know it, the rules that guide the operation of this special union are also very different from the relationship rules you might be familiar with.

So, here are some important rules to guide you through it if you ever find yourself in one:

5. You’re allowed to meet new people
Friends-with-benefit (FWB) is usually what people do when they’re not ready for relationships but you still need to regularly satisfy their sexual cravings.

When the time comes though, don’t shut out new people because you have an ongoing FWB relationship. You owe him/her no loyalty or anything like that.

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