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5 things he will do only if you’re in a committed relationship

Relationships are all about comfort in being yourself. However, in most relationships, it takes time for the guy to be completely himself.

At the beginning of any relationship, a man always keeps up a curtain, but as time goes on, the curtain is drawn and he starts doing things in front of you, that he doesn’t do in front of anyone else.

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Holding that fact in mind, we’ve compiled an insightful list of all things he will do only if he is in a committed relationship with you.

5. Restroom!
Once you are in a committed relationship, his restroom use becomes open and shameless. On the other hand, at the start of the relationship, he would have never used the restroom in front of you or when he was staying over but things are different now! He is committed to you, he uses the restroom for as long as he pleases, he leaves the door open, and sometimes, he even forgets to flush the toilet.

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