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5 Things Not Getting A Valentine’s Gift Should Tell You About Your Life

Many saxophonists didn’t go to church yesterday because they were serenading other people’s lovers. The roads were filled with dispatch riders rushing to make seemingly endless deliveries because people needed to show their partners that they cared about them on Valentine’s Day.

But there you were: sitting at home alone and watching Namase Wahala. Nobody brought you any gifts, nobody sent you any messages. It was just vibes.

If you didn’t get any Valentine’s gifts, we know what it means:

5. You are bigger than love

People might think that because you didn’t get any Valentine’s gift it means your love life is in shambles, but they don’t know that you’re actually bigger than all that love nonsense. They don’t know capitalists just use it as an avenue to sell chocolates. But you know. Don’t mind them.

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