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5 Things That Only Go Missing When You’re In A Hurry

You have to get somewhere on time. It’s important. But you didn’t start getting ready on time, so now you’re rushing to do everything. You get ready just in time and you look at the mirror and smile, “I knew I’d make it.” And you don’t feel bad for wasting time earlier anymore.

Now it’s time to step out. But wait, something’s missing. Something important. You know the drill; you’ll probably spend the next 20 minutes looking for it, find it in the most annoying place and then end up being late.

Here are some of the things that’ll probably go missing only when you’re in a hurry.


There’s a conspiracy theory that wallets and purses go to hide when they know that their owners are in a hurry. Those bastards. Nothing is more frustrating than rushing to get ready in time and then spending the next 20-minutes looking for your wallet. Another layer of frustration is finding the wallet in the most ridiculous place ever and just thinking “How the fuck did it get here?”

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