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5 things you should know when shopping for clothes online

Let’s face it, having to go to the market to buy clothes is the actual ghetto, it’s much easier to shop online.

If you are not careful when shopping online what I ordered vs what was delivered would most likely be your portion.

Before you shop online here are some basic things you should know.
5. Know what fits you
One of the problems with buying clothes online is that you don’t get to see how and if it fits your body type. Your body is not like the model’s and the outfit doesn’t come with the body.

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If you walk into a store, you can see a cloth that looks great on the mannequin but when you wear it, you change your mind immediately. A quick tip is to buy clothes that are similar to the ones you already have or that you like.

3. Read reviews
This goes without saying. What do people who buy things from a particular online store have to say? How long does delivery take? You don’t want to wait for years before you get your clothes.

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