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5 Ways To Let Your Girlfriend Know That You’re A Big Boy (No. 5 Will Make Her Respect You For Life

Girls of nowadays can take you for granted if you don’t relate with them with sense.
As a man, you deserve to be respected on all front, but you won’t get the respect if you don’t do the right things.

Some girls have turned their boyfriends to “Igba ikole” (Yoruba word for refuse packer), they disrespect them at any chance they get.

Many guys have even lost control of their own life because of the disrespectful attitudes of their girlfriends.

I will be sharing with you 5 ways to let your girlfriend know that you’re a big boy and you deserve some respect.

5. Reply Her Chats 5-Hours Later

Never be too available for girls on WhatsApp, they will take your availability for granted.

When she chats you up like hello babe, make sure you’re not replying immediately except she comes up with something urgent and important.

If you’re the type the reply to girls almost immediately they text you, don’t be annoyed the day they will blast you for not replying to their chats 2 minutes after.

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