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5 ways to stick to your budget & save money in 2021

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, things have not been the same, the economy has been dwindling and some people if not all lost their jobs while others experienced steep pay cuts.

It is also no secret that most people might have dipped their hands into their saving baskets more than they should and now it almost seems like a pipe dream trying to recover their lost money.

To save money, you will not only need a reasonable budget but you will also need some level of discipline in how and what you spend your money on, here is how you can start:

1. Spend what you have
The greatest financial pitfall you can get yourself into is debt. To jumpstart your savings, you should be able to spend the money you have and not take loans from friends, loan sharks or even saccos to make purchases or supplement your budget. If the budget isn’t working, redo it once more and take away unnecessary or the less important tasks from your budget.

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