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6 actions that help determine if you’re someone’s priority

People really need to understand that wanting to be someone’s priority is a natural human emotion of expression.
When people form strong bonds with their friends or partners, most of them expect to be a priority in the other person’s lives.

However, many a time, when feelings aren’t reciprocated, it really saddens us because it is an indication that you aren’t a priority in their lives.

To save you from further heartbreak, we bring to you a few actions that will help you determine whether or not, you are a priority in someone’s life.

1. Not taking out time
If the person always has excuses up their sleeve about how they couldn’t make it to the party with you, then it is a major sign. You may also find that the person always cancels plans with you, till the very last minute which can be very infuriating. The right person, who prioritizes you, will always make out time for you.

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