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6 effective ways to discipline your child

We all love our children very much and we want the best for them. This means we need to discipline them when they go wrong.

Disciplining your child might not be as easy as it sounds because you need to know the best approach depending on the mistake they made. It’s also important to keep in mind what punishments work best for your kid.

We all hated being punished as kids but it really taught us a lot and made us the disciplined adults we are. So it is our responsibility to ensure that we raise our kids right even if it means them being mad at us a couple of times.

To do that, here are some effective ways to discipline your child:

6. Listen to them
Sometimes they might have a good reason for making a mistake. Before punishing them make sure you know and understand the reason for their error.

Don’t be in a rush to punish them. They might have broken the glass because they slipped or fell down and honestly that’s not ground for punishment.

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