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6 effective ways to tackle stress-eating

Stress is a common trigger for emotional eaters. So many everyday life circumstances cause the stress and anxiety that leads to overeating.

Some stressors come from within, like the stress you put on yourself to be perfect or the anxiety you feel when you want to do some important things for yourself.

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Other stressors come from outside of yourself, such as the demands of your job, medical issues, family obligations, and social pressure from friends.

However, people cope differently with stress, while some take to shopping, others over-eat and do what is called stress-eating. Stress-eating can, however, be controlled and some steps can be taken to reduce this problem.

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6. Identify your stressor
The first way to solve a problem is by identifying what the problem is. Identify the circumstances and emotions that lead you to stress-eat. These are your emotional eating triggers, and once you recognize them, you can take steps to avoid them or at least be prepared for them.

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