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6 things men think women care about in a relationship, but they don’t

It is true that if a woman really likes you then you will know it instantly.

Look around yourself and you will find that it is very common that we get nervous while we go on a date thinking that what if my date doesn’t like anything about me?

Talking about change or incorporating new and good habits is a good thing to do, but no it is not necessary.

No matter how many ads have convinced you that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, don’t believe them.

It is possible that you will meet numerous women who are not interested in your luxury watch or car, but your behaviour and who you are as a person.

Talking about men, maybe you need to find out what women really care about. To make it simple, we have created a list. Read on to find out!

6. Your finances or fortune

Most of the guys think that in order to have a loving and caring girlfriend, they ought to be affluent. However, this is all myth. A real woman will never care if you propose to her with a diamond ring or if you can afford dinner at some fancy restaurants. All they care about is if you treat her with respect, love and care. Though your woman would ask you to improve your financial condition and secure your future, that doesn’t mean she is after your money. Maybe she wants you to have a better and comfortable life.

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