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7 common relationship problems millennials face

Unlike the recent past when boy met girl, fell in love and ultimately got married, relationships no longer pun out like they used to.

Relationship dynamics have changed, if not gotten complicated. It is no longer just about feeling butterflies in your stomach.

From being financially stable to falling for the right person, millennials have a greater challenge of keeping relationships. We look at some of the problems millennials need to overcome for their relationships to thrive:

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7. Social media
As much as technological advancements have been great, they have also posed a great threat to the real world. Social media has managed to create a space where people can fake their lives in order to make .themselves look better than their friends’.

Due to social media, most people can’t help but compare themselves to others, and they will not settle for anything less. This social dynamic is not only making the dating scene harder but also messier for millennials at the same time.

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