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7 foods that can make your period cramps worse

The monthly menstrual cycle is often accompanied by a lot of symptoms like fatigue, bloating, mood swings and cramps.

The symptoms are even worse for some, making the entire period a big struggle. In between the unbearable cramping and mood swings, all you do is reach out for some comfort food.

But unfortunately, there are some foods that can make your period symptoms even worse and you surely do not want that to happen.

We tell you about 7 foods that you should avoid a week before or during your period for some relief.

7. Coffee
If you do not want to make your period worse, cut back on your caffeine intake. Try to just stick to one cup of coffee per day. Having excessive coffee can cause vasoconstriction- the narrowing of blood vessels, which can worsen your cramps during period. It can also increase discomfort and bloating.

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