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7 Nigerian Celebrities That Won’t Survive Without Instagram. (No. 1 Will Definitely Commit Suicide)

Hi Guys,

The use of social media is very important in this era because it’s easier to connect with vast majority of people via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

As an entertainer or business person or whatever you’re into, it is always smart not to build your entire career on a social media platform which might pack up on day.

How many Nigerian celebrities or entertainers can boast of still having a successful career life if all social media channels shut down.

So Let’s get to the list guys:

7: Naira Marley

Do I even need to give details on this?

Damn! Naira Marley of this year is massively accepted by the Street.

Many controversies that rocked his music career this year started from Instagram. Instagram has done wonder in his life, lolz.

At the moment, his Instagram page is one of the most active celebrities page, With also a lot of fan pages. He is truly doing well on twitter with almost all his twitter post going viral cause of their crazy meanings.

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He might have fight so hard to stay relevant as an artiste in the absence of social media.

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