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7 obvious signs he’s interested in you after the first date

The beauty of the first date is that no one knows what’s going to happen! But there’s one thing about first dates—the ending is usually hard to read.

It’s the start of a chess game, and you’re waiting to see who’s going to make the first move. You don’t know each other, yet there’s some curiosity happening between you.

You don’t really know what’s going to happen. Maybe this will be the last time you see each other, or maybe this one date will snowball into a long-term relationship.

Listed below are 7 signs he’s interested in you after the first date:

7. He says he wants to see you again
Listen, if he says he would like to see you again at the end of the date, the odds are that he would like to see you again. Now, some guys just say it to be polite. But, if someone doesn’t want to see you, they probably won’t suggest seeing you.

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