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7 reasons why you should get out of your comfort zone

As human beings, we’re wired to seek comfort to help us feel calm and balanced. Unfortunately, when we’re comfortable, we’re not often at our most productive, which is why it can be so crucial to learn to step outside of our comfort zone from time to time.
Of course, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’re all afraid of the first step. After all, the most uncomfortable part of any journey is the initiation—going from being stationary to acting.

But once you set things in motion and leave your comfort zone, that initial discomfort often fades, allowing your momentum to build. It’s just a matter of wanting to change, and of finding the courage to take that first step.

As hard as it can be, stepping outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis can offer you many advantages. Here are seven major benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone.

7. Opportunity to grow

Challenging yourself can help you reach your peak performance level. You can’t expect to evolve and reach new heights if you only stick to your normal habits and routine lifestyle. Learning new skills and lessons will help you throughout your life.

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