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7 reasons you shouldn’t beg your partner to stay in a relationship

There is nothing more painful than the fact the person you love wholeheartedly, doesn’t love you back or reciprocate your feelings.

But what’s worse is when you have to beg your partner to stay in the relationship.

You may promise them that you will do things as per their whims and fancy, never complain about anything or even apologise when it is not your fault; but trust us this means losing your dignity and nothing else in a relationship.

There are numerous other reasons that can help you to know why is it foolish to beg someone to stay in the relationship. Scroll down to continue reading and know more!

7. You lose your self-respect
Begging someone who doesn’t want to share their life with you, is just like throwing away your self-respect. Since you will agree to change yourself and do whatever it takes to please your partner, you will eventually lose your self-worth. You won’t be the same person. Your partner may consider you worthless and treat you accordingly.

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