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7 tell tale signs you’re undergoing gaslighting

Gaslighting generally happens in an abusive relationship or marriage. Often there are times when the victim may not understand if he/she is undergoing gaslighting.

This is because they could be deeply in love with their significant other or they think that their partner won’t harm them in any manner.

One of the other reasons could be that the abuser gaslights you in such a subtle way that you may not doubt his/her intentions. In fact, you may question your sanity and thoughts.

But there are some signs that would help you in knowing if someone is gaslighting you. In order to know what those signs could be, read on.

7. You are held responsible for their faults
If you are wondering what else the gaslighter does, then you need to know that the person will often hold you responsible for their faults. For example, if the person fails in any test or isn’t able to focus on his/her work, then instead of accepting their mistakes the person will shift the blame on you. The person may say, “just because of you I am not able to give my best at my workplace” or “you always spoil my mood”.

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