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7 things that happen to your skin when you don’t use sunscreen

Is sunscreen part of your skin care regimen? If the answer is no, that should probably change today. Everyone’s skin doesn’t necessarily burn if they don’t use sunscreen.

Some people can spend a full day in the sun and never have to deal with the brutal reality of sunburn. But the even harsher reality of not wearing sunscreen could eventually catch up with you.

It may not seem like it, but not wearing sunscreen is much more damaging than most think. Take note of the things that happen to your skin when you don’t use sunscreen.

7. Tanned skin
This one is obvious, but some people don’t realize how quickly the skin tans, and the more you tans, the more it directly affects skin health at the same time. The skin begins to show the appearance of “tan” when the melanocyte cells in the epidermis layer of your skin begin to produce a darker tone.

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