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7 things that hurt a narcissist’s ego the most

You’ve got two options, leave it or revenge. There’s no third option when dealing with a narcissist.

Either you say it’s your bad luck to have met him and walk away, or you stay and show him you’re strong and let him how it feels.

A major problem with narcissists is that they ignorantly don’t know how annoying and hurtful their actions and words are. Most people would just walk away because they can’t be bothered dealing with it.

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You want to show the narcissist a taste of his own medicine, that’s normal. A narcissist has got his weakness too. Below are 7 things that hurt a narcissist’s ego the most:

7. Ignore them
They want recognition. They want to know they’re better than you, and potentially have control over you. Well, they don’t. You can easily show that by ignoring them. Don’t return their text and just walk past them with your head held high. Don’t even give them the slightest attention they want.

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