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7 things that will change when you finally meet ’the one’

When the virtual world has taken over the dating game, it has become quite difficult to fathom if we have found ‘the one’ or not.
Gone are the days when you could feel butterflies in your stomach at the mere presence of the person you desired. Convenience has taken over our lives and the essence of being physically present with each other has faded.

Who doesn’t want to be in love? But to know if we have found the person we have been waiting for our entire life out of the 7.7 billion people in this world is, well, a tricky job.

Often times we feel that we have finally met the right person but ultimately we fall out and things don’t really work out.

We all know how it feels to be in love. But how do you realize whether this person you’re madly in love with is the right person for you or not?

Here are 7 things that will change when you finally meet ’the one’:

1. You’ll no longer be afraid to talk about your personal struggles
Our personal struggles are an intimate part of us. We are very protective of it and often feel vulnerable to share them with anyone. What used to seem difficult and embarrassing to share, will become easy and natural when you’re with the right person.
You will have a feeling that you can be your true self before them for they will not condemn you for anything you have experienced in the past. Not only do they understand your struggles but they also respect the person you have emerged out to be.

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