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7 things you shouldn’t do if you have dry skin

It’s a harsh reality for all of us that the way you take care of your dry skin may actually not be so great for your complexion.

Sometimes, knowing the basics just isn’t enough. Even if you cleanse and use moisturizer twice a day, you could be overlooking a few important parts of your skin care routine.

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While nobody’s perfect, wouldn’t it be nice to limit the likelihood of those skin care slip-ups? You may not be able to change your skin type, but you can help care for dry skin like a pro.

You just need to know what not to do when it comes to your skin care routine. Here, we’re sharing the top 7 things to avoid if you have dried out skin.

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7. Stop cleansing your skin too much
Yes, cleansing is important in any skincare routine, but too much of it can cause dry skin, especially for someone with dry skin. Make sure you look for a cleanser that is gentle and good for dry skin. Experts recommend cleaning your skin only twice a day, so avoid exposing your skin to too many chemicals.

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