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8 Annoying Times Nigerian Parents Remind You Of How They Carried First In School

Growing up with a Nigerian parent(s) whether living home or abroad, no matter how wealthy, rich or poor they are, there are certain conversations you cannot miss as a child and one of such is the ridiculous, malnourished story of how they always carry first in school.
This has become a branded household fallacy we all live with.
For every time a child misbehaves, they go with the story just to guilt-trip you. I still don’t understand how they really think they’d get someone convinced with it though. But trust me, they hold on to it like the ten commandments. Every single detail in the story tallies each time they tell it.
Here are 10 times every Nigerian child must have heard the story.

8. When you Bring Home Poor School Grade or Report: Ever been a dullard growing up in a Nigerian home? The experience is compared to none. Bringing home a bad result means time for your ancestors to wake from the grave. You begin to hear how they trekked from Kafachan to Maiduguri to school and still came first whereas you are being provided with everything, yet, nothing. The very poor ones are the loudest in this regard…

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