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8 reasons why Jasmine tea is good for you

Jasmine tea is a type of tea, scented with the aroma of blossoms from the jasmine plant. It’s typically based on green tea, but sometimes black or white tea is used instead.

Blossoms from common jasmine (Jasminum officinale) or sampaguita (Jasminum sambac) are placed alongside tea leaves in storage or blended with stored tea, allowing the aroma to infuse.

Because jasmine tea is typically made from green tea leaves, it provides many of the same powerful health benefits that you would get from drinking green tea.

Here are 8 reasons why drinking jasmine tea is great for your health:

8. May aid weight loss
Jasmine tea may help losing weight by increasing metabolism. It possesses fat burning properties, thanks to its caffeine content and polyphenol antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Drinking jasmine tea will increase the fat burning process and help you lose weight.

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