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8 types of hugs women give and their hidden meanings

There are different types of hugs that convey different types of meanings at different times.

If you are not sure about the feelings of the girl you are dating, then the hug can be the deciding factor. You can know what she feels for you by the way she hugs you.

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You must be thinking by now that many greets by hugging, so does that have an inner meaning as well? No, a simple hug while greeting each other generally doesn’t carry any hidden purpose.

There is a fragile line between a simple hug and a special one. If you are all confused by now, then here we are describing 8 different types of hugs for you.

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This will help you next time when some woman hugs you. You will know precisely what they mean.

8. Hug for the sake of etiquette
This type of hug is generally for the greetings or for the sake of it. A woman will hug you without letting you touch her completely. This type of hug is generally given at formal events like meetings, special functions or events or office parties, etc.

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If you are dating a girl and she is giving you this kind of hug, then man, you are in deep trouble.

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