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8 ways to improve your dating game this year

Dating can be a tough terrain to navigate. I mean, with the stupid games people are playing nowadays, one is never short of winning stupid prizes.

Reason being it’s hard to meet someone you truly have a genuine connection with and you have to risk being rejected or heartbroken over and over again.

The negative side of dating has actually caused people to give up on love entirely but that shouldn’t be your story. You can turn things around this year and have the best dating experience you’ve ever had.

However, following these tips will bring you a step closer to meeting the love of your life. Here’s a list of them below:

8. Don’t be needy about it
People can smell desperation from a mile away. It’s one thing to be excited about meeting new people but that’s different from being too pushy.

Make sure you’re not showing signs that you are desperate when you’re out on a date. I know it’s exciting when you can see a potential relationship in sight but keep it cool and let things flow naturally.

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