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8 ways to use chocolate for good skin

While chocolate does taste delicious, it actually has health benefits, meaning you can keep it as a staple in your diet — in moderation, of course.

Both eating this magical dessert and applying it topically to your skin can drastically improve your complexion.

Here’s all the benefits it imparts to your skin, as well as DIY ways you can integrate chocolate into your skincare routine at home for the ultimate facial.

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How does chocolate benefit your skin?
It hydrates skin
It stops blemishes and irritation
Chocolate is a natural moisturizer
It increases collagen
Detoxifies skin and protects from UV damage
Here are 8 ways to use chocolate for good skin:

8. Make a chocolate scrub
Consider making a homemade scrub, such as this recipe, which can help bring smooth, and soft skin with the help of some almond and coconut oil, brown sugar, cocoa powder, and essential oil. Even better news? This scrub is edible.

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