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9 non-verbal ways men show their love

If you have a man who loves you, he isn’t going to just tell you that he loves you. He’s going to show it with his actions.

You have to know that men aren’t verbal communicators; they are more physical with the way that they choose to manifest their feelings.

If you happen to be with a man who doesn’t open up to you about how he loves you, it’s not necessarily a cause for worry just yet.

This is especially true if a lot of the signs that are listed here apply to your man and your relationship.

Be happy if you have a guy who is going to do these things for you. It’s very likely that he loves you and he isn’t afraid of showing it with his actions.

9. He shows a willingness to compromise with you

He really does whatever he can to meet you halfway. He doesn’t let his selfish desires or his ego get in the way of his shot at getting with you.

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