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9 perfect apps for long distance relationship

To keep long-distance relationships (LDR) alive, communication is crucial.

Whether you’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart, mobile apps can help manage the disadvantage that long distance can present in relationships. Many of these apps offer more than just video and instant messaging.

If you want to get closer while still far away, you’ll need to know some of these apps for long-distance relationships.

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There’s no point settling for less when there are long-distance relationships apps that help couples experience the best no matter how far the distance.

This article lists some of the best apps to download as well as the different features they offer.

9. Touchnote
Text messages, video, and voice calls are cool when you want to connect with your man, mostly when he’s operating in another time zone. How about an app that brings in more spice? Touchnote allows you to create a postcard, print it, and send it to your man. It adds fun to communicating and is free on iOS and play store.

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