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9 things you need to know about true love

When you are in love and have a healthy relationship, it can reduce anxiety levels, and this has been scientifically proven.

You can even start looking better or feel less stressed at work. Hugging and kissing produce sensations of calmness, security, and contentment.

True love is magical. True love is mystical‒Right? Well, kind of. But it’s more than that, as anyone in a relationship can tell you.

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Read on to find nine things you need to know about true love.

9. True love is not about finding yourself in another
Don’t fall in love, or think you’re in love, just because you want to find yourself. Your identity is not to be someone’s other half‒it’s to be yourself! Don’t get so swept up in your partner that you become them. You don’t need to be the number one fan of their favorite band or read all the books they read.

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