Advertise With Us


Advertise With Us

-About Us:

9JaGidi is an online platform which kicked off July 1st, 2018 and has since then been delivering quality Information, Socholarship uodates and educational news etc to happy readers in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

We started running people adverts on this on the 2nd of September 2018, which since then we have help so many site owners and business men/women Get traffic and what they want at a very low price…

How we run Adverts

We run permanent and temporal Advertisment on this website depending on how your want it…


Outlined below are our Classes of Banner Ads we currently offer:-

728 x 90 – (Leaderboard)

300 x 250 – (Medium Rectangle)

160 x 600 – (Skyscraper)

120 x 600 – (Mini Skyscraper)

300 x 300 (Large Square)

125 x 125 (Small Square)

300 x 600 (Larger Rectangle)

300 x 250 (Mobile Ads Banner)

300 x 50 (Mobile Ads Banner)

1280 x 1024 – (Site Background Takeover)

Other Forms Of Advert

We also Offer some Other Forms of Advertisement.

-Text Ads– A Text Format Link Shown on our Mobile Site Pages.

-Sponsored Post– Do you have any Product or Render any Services you want the World to know about? You can get a Post on our Website.

For Advert Rates, Contact Us On Email=> [email protected]

Facebook=> 9JaGidi

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