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Coronavirus: Here are ways to stay protected if you need to leave your home

As the coronavirus continues to spread with over 1,260,000 confirmed cases in South Africa, it is important that individuals needs to be protected.

The best way to stay protected is to say at home but if you really need to step out of the house because it is important for example grocery shopping or even to work, then you need to stay strapped up and well protected.

Staying protected while you are stepping out to get your essentials is to avoid you getting the virus and also protecting the people you live with.

Here are 3 important things to do should incase you need to leave your home:

3. Step out with your gloves
You don’t know who has the virus and is still doing fine. To ensure that you are well protected, wear our gloves when stepping out of the house. Ensure you dispose of your gloves immediately after use.

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