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Enjoy Your Valentine With 15+ Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

Welcome to the month of Love, Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day, festival which comes up on every February 14th of the year, when lovers express their passion with greetings cards, texts and other gifts.

First Valentine message was written from Prison by Charles Duke of Orleans, he wrote the letter to his second wife when he was captured in the battle during the olden days war (15th Century).

Laughter is the best medicine in the world, that boost your immune system, relieve your pain and stress by lowering cortisol in your body. Now I want you to feel free to laugh and enjoy your with these 15+ funny valentine meme.

Some women are too smart.

Can we call this a love or what?.

He said that, he had a house with swimming pool.

when you marry a second wife and asked your first wife to kill a mosquito on your back.

Why do girl likes closing or crossings their legs while sitting down, does it mean their pants Is dirty or what?.

If you and your partner breaks so fast , it’s called a breakfast, my knowledge will not kill me.

That awkwardly moments you caught the debtor that has been owing thousands of money for the past 6years without paying a dime.

Welcome to Nigeria, where parents removed their eyes glasses just to hear exactly what you’re trying to say.

My own plan for this Valentine.

I bet you have laugh out louder after seeing those photos.

Fear ladies my brother, the Lady didn’t just cheat on him.

I asked her do you want Half of million or 900k, she replied half of a million, thanks to God for saving me (Smiles)

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