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Growing Up As A Man In Nigeria Requires A Lot Of Work — Man Like Adekunle Gold

The subject of today’s “Man Like” is Adekunle Gold (AG baby), a singer, songwriter and fashion icon. Adekunle Gold tells us about enjoying his fatherhood journey, learning and unlearning stereotypes Nigerian men are raised with, and takes us on a brief history of his evolution from Ikotun to his current reality.

Everyone gets their “man now” moment. When was yours?
I think this was 2011/2012 when I moved out of my parent’s house. I was 25 years old, and for the first time, I had to cater for myself — buy food in the house, buy fuel, pay light bills. I was like, yes, I’m now on my own.

LMAO. What pushed you to leave?
I’d always wanted to leave my parent’s house since I was 18, but I couldn’t afford to. I grew up in Ikotun and I didn’t like the area at the time, so I wanted to leave to see the world. I still remember when my friends and I went to one area outside Ikotun to find out the cost of a mini-flat. That’s how badly we wanted to leave. By the time I finished NYSC, I felt it was time, so I packed my bags and moved to Lekki.

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