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How To Make Your First Million Naira From Celebrity Tattoos

A person who does not know where his mates are succeeding will just die for nothing.” African proverb (and if it’s not African, take it like that).

While you are here crying out of poverty, people are cashing out seriously with very little work. How? By tattooing the face of a celebrity on their bodies!

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Oh please don’t be scared. Me I know how you can do it that you will cash out.

Let me teach you.

a. Identify the celebrity that will be your cash machine.

Important qualities to look for:

b. Find those ones that are very active on social media. Any small matter, they chook mouth.

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If you pick someone like Genevieve Nnaji, I’m sorry, but you have just wasted a portion of your body that you cannot get back.

c. Target Yoruba socialites (Don’t make me mention anybody’s name, plis), Yoruba Nollywood actors and actresses. You know, find your way into that circle.

d. You can also target politicians or Nigeria as a whole. You may not get money oh, but at least you will have donated your body to a worthless cause.

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